What We Teach

Unity offers a way of life. It teaches and emphasizes a positive way of thinking and a positive way of living. We like to describe ourselves as a positive, practical and progressive approach to Christianity. We accept certain aspects of Christian tradition but also seek to transcend tradition and progress beyond old, ineffective ideas and concepts.

For example, many have a God created in man’s image; in other words, their concept of God is a man standing off in the heavens somewhere separate and apart, watching, judging and issuing punishment.

In Unity we teach that God is Spirit and everywhere present, and that God lives in you as well. As Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” We teach that the nature of God is love and absolute good. In Unity the emphasis is more on spirituality than on religion. Spirituality is always about connecting and uniting, whereas religion, although not intending to do so, often divides people through doctrine, dogma and extremism.

Unity has been described as a common-sense religion. Its teachings are based on the teachings of Jesus found in the Gospels and which have appeal to people of all faiths.

Unity recognizes the value of all the world’s great religions. And we celebrate the rich diversity of religious beliefs and expressions. Unity accepts the Bible as its basic textbook of truth. We interpret the Bible spiritually, and in some cases literally. We also interpret the Bible symbolically, or metaphysically. We explain the Bible and its lessons as it relates to people today in their spiritual growth. Unity also accepts and respects statements of truth and spiritual insight from many different avenues and resources, for we believe that God is too great to be contained in just one book, one concept or one philosophy. We believe in the value of seeing and emphasizing similarities, rather than differences. It’s our practice to bless all churches, all religions and all spiritual paths in the spirit of unity, love and oneness.

The purpose of the church is to be a guiding force for spiritual evolution and to support healing and transformation in the individual and the world. One of our missions is to teach, love and inspire people in all they are created to be. We consider ourselves a spiritual path for our time unlike any other in its effort to bring Christians and non-Christians together in the foundations of spiritual truth and form a global family of peace, acceptance and harmony.

We believe that God is absolute good and that God is present in all creation. Unity proclaims the divinity of Jesus but assures you, like Jesus, also are a child of God, made in God’s image. Unity honors and follows Jesus as teacher, way-shower and elder brother. Rather than worship Jesus the man, we worship the Christ, God’s spirit in humankind, which Jesus demonstrated and invited us to demonstrate.

In Unity we believe we are here to learn from and love one another. We see health, joy, peace of mind and prosperity as every person’s birthright. We look for the good in all people.

In Unity we emphasize that each of us is responsible for our own spiritual development so we can become the best person possible. Unity teaches that the connection between God and each person is direct and personal and requires no mediary, no minister, religion, no church, no organization, just a willingness to take part in a personal relationship with God. We believe that God is within you, seeking to be known by you and seeking to express in every area of your life.

The teachings of Unity are designed to add depth, meaning and a sense of purpose to life along with success and joy to everyone. We do not argue theology. That’s not what we are about. We strive to offer workable ideas and spiritual principles that bring about transformation in your life. Unity has no creedal requirements, little reference to dogma or ritual, and allows you the freedom to grow spiritually at your pace while attempting to inspire you toward your own spiritual evolution.

We believe that religion should be an open-ended search for truth where people of all races, religions, sexual orientation, social and economic backgrounds are welcomed with love and dignity.

Unity emphasizes a life of prayer. We believe that God dwells within you and you are the temple of the living God; you don’t pray to God but from God, from an awareness of God’s presence. Unity teaches affirmative prayer, which is to affirm and decree God’s truth.

The emphasis is not on one’s sins, but rather on moving beyond our errors and mistakes through healing, transformation and making new and higher choices.

The word Unity means that we emphasize our unity with God, with Jesus Christ and with all humanity. Unity is a combination of new thought and ancient wisdom. Unity can have a flavoring of both eastern and western insight. Many assume that we are the Unitarian church, but Unity is not Unitarian.

Our ministry teaches the importance of discovery, inquiry and questioning. This is part of being on the path of a spiritual quest. We’re proud to bring nationally and internationally known speakers, authors, scientists, doctors and individuals to offer their leading- edge ideas to challenge our minds: people like Deepak Chopra, the late Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and others.

Charles & Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity

The founders of Unity back in the 1800s studied all religions and said they pulled the best from them all. They also believed in continuing to remain open to new ideas and deeper understanding as we continue to walk the spiritual path of unfoldment, and this is why we have so many varied topics and ideas.

Our church offers a wide variety and range of classes that includes Bible, prosperity, healing, spiritual principles, Unity basics, Tai Chi, and much more.

We know that children are our future, and we offer them a relationship with God born of love and free of fear and guilt. We introduce them to a healthy concept of God, a God that is only love and goodness. We believe that the spiritual seeds planted in the heart, mind and soul of a child in the early years will deliver a harvest of good immediately and in the years to come.

The name Unity means a coming together, a totality of hearts, a state of harmony. Unity church is a place of tremendous love and acceptance. Unity represents diversity, inclusivity and freedom. Unity believes in a God in which all things are possible for good. Unity is a healthy, positive, soulful feeding, uplifting and inspiring place to be and worship.

If you are looking for a place that will accept as well as challenge you to be the very best that you can be, then come grow with us. We would be honored to learn and grow spiritually with you.

We bless you on your path wherever God leads you, and we know in our hearts that we really share and draw upon the same God, the same spirit, the same source and creator of love itself.

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