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Unity Worldwide Ministries offers more than a dozen free booklets on a variety of topics (affirmative prayer, healing, gratitude, grief, and more). Here are quick links to a few of many publications available:

How to Stay Centered, No Matter What

No matter what life throws at you, you always have inner powers to remain at peace. When you learn to use them—like tools from a toolbox—they will support you throughout all of life’s experiences.

The booklet How to Stay Centered, No Matter What will uplift you with a deeper understanding of your 12 divine powers. Originally taught by Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore, the powers are presented in this booklet as concrete tools for every day, with practical tips, essays, and prayers.

Get a downloadable PDF of the booklet

Nurture Your Divine Spirit

When Unity was founded more than 130 years ago, it was not to establish a church or to convert anyone to a new belief system. Instead, founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore wanted to share what they were learning about spiritual principles in the hope they could supplement and enhance others’ understanding.

To disseminate their discoveries, they started a magazine, then another. Soon they were publishing books, then innumerable pamphlets, and eventually Unity created booklets like this one.

Our intention with this booklet is exactly the same as the Fillmores’—to share with you the tools we have discovered and are using on our own spiritual journeys, hoping they will serve you too.

Open or download the booklet.

The Heart of Healing

We wanted to try something different for this year’s healing booklet. We have written about healing in terms of faith and affirmation, gratitude and joy, personal healing experiences, healing for loved ones, and of course prayer for ourselves, prayer for others, and prayer from others. But one means of expression comprises them all: music. Get The Heart of Healing booklet now.

One Humanity, Many Stories

Unity’s writers offer thoughts about how to live in the real world while affirming and developing our divine identity through the power of:
• Welcoming grace
• Living love
• Creating community
• Embracing change
• Finding comfort
• Expressing gratitude
• Awakening joy

May you see your experiences in the context of our common humanity, our oneness, as you deepen your understanding of God, others, and yourself. Request your copy of One Humanity, Many Stories today.

Gems of Wisdom from Black Leaders of New Thought
Black leaders have been integral to the growth and development of the New Thought spiritual movement. Although the early organizations—Unity and Religious Science—were founded by white leaders, newer incarnations are largely the work of African-American ministers.

30 Days To Fearless Living

Some of the questions most frequently asked these days are: How can I see what’s happening in the world through spiritual eyes? How can I keep from fear and despair? Fear is nothing but a thought, yet it can dominate people’s lives.

This booklet features readings from Unity ministers and other spiritual teachers.

Grief is a Spiritual Practice

Loss can change the trajectory of a life. It shifts our days and interrupts our nights. It breaks open our hearts and forces us to reckon with the big questions of life: Where is God? Who am I now? How do I pray?

Spiritual Support for Caregivers and Those Who Love Them

One of the most difficult yet unheralded experiences of this human journey is to care for a loved one whose health is failing. For months or years, caregivers tend to the needs of others, often at the expense of their own.

The Spiritual Journey from Addition to Recovery

Are you trying to stay clean and sober and wondering why everyone keeps saying that spirituality is necessary for recovery? You may be asking, Why can’t I just stop using and drinking? Isn’t that the whole point?

The Gift of Prayer

Prayer is the tried-and-true way to connect with God. Yet people often ask: What is prayer? And how are we to pray?

In its simplest definition, prayer is communion with God. When we pray, we turn our attention to the presence of God and remember our oneness with God. We release outer concerns and open ourselves to God’s love, wisdom, and guidance.

Prayer Resources

Your heart will soar as you pray and join others in prayer. Silent Unity offers one-on-one prayer (call 816-969-2000), information about affirmative prayer and World Day of Prayer, the uPray prayer app, meditations, and more.

The Silent Unity Prayer Service takes place at 11 a.m. Tuesdays on Zoom, facilitated by Peggy Tell. All are welcome to join us in person or in spirit for this weekly service. More information and audio files of meditations are available from Silent Unity.

Meditation Resources

Meditations from Silent Unity

Meditations from Silent Unity Prayer Services (audio and PDF files of services)

Meditations from Unity Worldwide Ministries
Regain your center of peace by reconnecting with spirit through meditation.

Classes and Studies

  • at Unity of Springfield
  • through Unity Worldwide Ministries:
    UWM offers many areas of study to assist you in exploring your spiritual potential. In your pursuit of a more compassionate and fulfilling life, you can explore:

    • Individual courses to explore areas of interest
    • Self-determined path of spiritual enrichment
    • Credentialing paths to become Licensed Unity Teacher or Licensed/Ordained Unity Minister

    See the UWSI brochure for more information

    Whatever your interests are, we appreciate your exploring our broad spiritual education curriculum and welcome your inquiries. Please let us know how we might help you on your journey.


Unity offers suggested affirmative prayer statements for inner peace, guidance, healing, prosperity, world peace, and more.

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