Reopening Guidelines

If you plan to join us in person at the church for Sunday Service or Spiritually Speaking, please note the following guidelines:

• Masks: Due to the recent change in CDC guidelines, please be prepared to wear your mask in the facility whether or not you have been vaccinated.

• Social Distancing: There are no mandatory social distancing requirements. We suggest social distancing.

• Facility/Spaces: Margaret Cain Hall will be open on Sunday for the 9 a.m. Spiritually Speaking class only. The “Chat Room,” “Meditation/Board Room,” lending library, storeroom and the kitchen will be closed.

• Exchanges by hand: Nothing will be exchanged by hand. Glass bowls will be available at the sanctuary doors for your love offering.

• Socialization: For those wishing to socialize, please observe social distancing outside, away from the building, as cleaning may occur immediately following the service.


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