Minister’s Message

Holiday Blessings to you!

An attitude of praise and Thanksgiving nourishes the soul, much like rain feeds the earth. When you are thankful for the good in your life, the blessings of God grow abundantly in all that concerns you. It’s easy to be thankful when you are peaceful and confident, relaxed and poised. When you are faced with challenges however, life’s blessings may be hard to see, but this is when you most need to be thankful. When you cease focusing on the apparent trouble, you open yourself to see God in the situation. Thoughts and prayers of thanks and praise rain on the troubled soul, bringing forth an expanded awareness of God and the fruit that follows.

When you find yourself unable to see past a difficult situation, give thanks for the vision. Look at the wonder of God all around you, ever present in the beauty of nature. Look beyond your present circumstances to see the presence of good manifest in every tree and leaf, an autumn sunset, and in the sparkle of children’s eyes on Christmas morning. Give thanks for the many beautiful things that life has given to you.

Nothing works more quickly to make the mind receptive and responsive to God than a prayer of thanksgiving. As we prepare to enter in to 2022, thank you for your loving, loyal support of this ministry in so many wonderful ways. We are grateful for your love, faith, prayers, participation and financial gifts. You make our Unity work possible and purposeful. May this holiday season bring to you the greatest gift of all – a new awareness of God’s love for you.

Peace, Blessings and Joy,

Rev. Christine McFarland

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