Greetings from Our Transitional Consultant

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

Hello, Unity of Springfield –

I’m Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson – so pleased to be your Transitional Consultant!

I am excited to meet you all and work with this ministry through your current Transition!

I’ve fallen in love with the power of Transition and the transformation that is possible for the ministry and each of you who is participating!

I’ll be working with your Board and Leadership Team including the LUTs and staff. I will also be coming for a Weekend Visit about once a month for the next few months. There is so much exciting happening and each of the weekends is designed to be a Stepping Stone along the Transitional process. Mark your calendars and plan on attending as many of the Congregational workshops as possible!

So why, you may be asking? Recently your minister left to take another direction in her career. She was with you for about 3 years – but look at all the changes in the world during her tenure. In this time, meaning post covid/pandemic, everything changes in ministry! Now is the perfect opportunity to discover what Spirit has in mind for this ministry and how we can most successfully move forward and create an even deeper impact on the greater community in Springfield!

I look forward to meeting you in June!

With much love and biggest blessings,

Rev. Aliza


WEEKENDS –  with the tentative theme (subject to change based on what the ministry is calling for)

June 10-12 Keys to Transition

Board/Leadership Development Session
Friday, June 10, 7-8:30 p.m. — Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson works with the Board of Trustees and church leadership in a development session.

Congregational Workshop – Keys to Transition
Saturday, June 11, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. — Finding Sacred Value in Transition. Facilitated by Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson, our transitional consultant. Join us in a discovery of transition – the hidden gems… the opportunities… a container for transformation… and so much more!

July 8-10 Listening Circles and Sacred Story

August 5-7 Power of The Why (Part 1)

September 23-25 Discovering Your Why (Part 2)

October 21-23 Historical Timeline – work… OR

Who/What do we want in our next minister?

November 18-20 WEEKEND BOOKED…  see what’s needed



Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson



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