Upcoming Guest Speakers

We will welcome guest speakers for our Sunday services on September 13 and October 11.

All services are conducted via video conferencing technology using the Zoom platform. It is recommended that the Zoom app be installed to your preferred device prior to joining any event, so that once you click the links provided via email, you will be connected directly.

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Upcoming guest speakers and topics include:

Rev. Beth Hitesman

Sunday, October 11
Rev. Beth Hitesman
Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

We Are Being Called…

Dear Friends,

I want to take a moment to recognize how much all of us truly miss being together as a church family during this time of COVID-19. Things are quite different this year than in previous years, as we now have become accustomed to terms such as “social distancing,”  “flattening the curve” and even “lock-down.” We have been asked to stretch in ways we never thought possible.

We know the “church” is not a building, and that in fact each one of us is the church. Who could possibly have known we would show up to church in a little stacked tile on a computer screen? However, that we can all be together in some way right now is surely a gift.

While some of us might say that our patience is wearing a bit thin, I would encourage you to keep your confidence in the indwelling Christ as you navigate these uncertain times. We are being called both inward and outward at the same time. We are navigating uncharted waters. In the midst of a pandemic, we are also being called to social action. It is a good time to be grounded in principle. Take time for yourself in the silence, inside your holy temple. That is where you will find God waiting for you to offer reassurance, strength and love.

We will meet again someday soon! I love and miss you all! If there is anything I can do to minister to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rev. Christine

Garden Gathering

Sunday, September 20, 1-2:30 p.m. — Join us for a gathering in the garden space in the back of the church. Bring your lawn chairs, wear your mask, and respectfully practice social distancing.

The alternate rain date will be September 27.