Minister’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Your Leadership team here at Unity of Springfield is holding a grand vision for this ministry as we prepare to fully resume activities once COVID-19 and the Delta variant subside a few more notches.

Don’t we many times envision something before it happens? We plan and plan for a trip. We make all the travel arrangements, we pack our bags, head to the airport, and we are off. We plan, we envision, and then we see it come into fruition. Rev. Mary Morrissey shared a powerful story recently that is worth sharing with all of you.

At one time there was an unknown, struggling comedian. He had no concrete evidence that he could succeed in Hollywood: he was booed off the stage at L.A. comedy clubs, he was broke, and directors didn’t even know his name.

Regardless, it was his dream to make the entire world laugh. But he needed something to help him believe his dream was possible. So he wrote himself a check for the amount of $10 million “for acting services rendered.”

He continued to put himself out there and pursue his dream. And over the years, he kept that check in his wallet, looking at it anytime he had a chance, tapping into the vibration of receiving that money. Ten years later, his vision came true… He received $10 million for his role in the blockbuster movie Dumb and Dumber. The aspiring actor from our story… Jim Carrey!

Hopefully soon, all normal activities can resume. Until such time, I invite you to join your leadership team by tapping into the vibration of an evolving ministry.

Rev. Christine