Congregational Workshop

Saturday, February 11, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. — Expansive Empowered Living with Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson. Can you feel Spirit calling us (individually and collectively) to a deeper and fuller experience of life? In this Stepping Stones Workshop, we’ll dive into a greater embodiment of who we be and how we can Become even more. In our transitional journey, we have discovered our WHY, our HOW, and our WHO – all which comes down to who we be and…

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Greetings from Our Transitional Consultant

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

Hello, Unity of Springfield – I’m Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson – so pleased to be your Transitional Consultant! I am excited to meet you all and work with this ministry through your current Transition! I’ve fallen in love with the power of Transition and the transformation that is possible for the ministry and each of you who is participating! I’ll be working with your Board and Leadership Team including the LUTs and staff. I will also be coming for a…

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